Proofreading of Czech texts, copywriting

Copywriting in Czech — price list

The prices for copywriting (text creation) depend on the desired range of text, the availability of materials, the subject (the field of the text content) and the field of application of the text (advertisement for a profit-making company vs. a website for a charitable organisation).

The rate therefore ranges from 300 tož1000 CZK per 1 standardized page*.

The client must bear in mind that before the creation of the text, the copywriter must study the provided materials, or a number of other texts in the field, and also perform related research and verification on the Internet. These essential tasks are included in the rate.

It is often easier for both parties to set the remuneration on the basis of “time worked”, which is usually charged according to 0.5 to 3 working days (either actual time worked, or if the client prefers, according to previously estimated or agreed time periods for the task(s) in question) at the rate of 300 CZK/hour.

The final price is subject to agreement by the client.

(*One standardized page means 1,800 characters, including spaces.)